How to Repair iPad 2 Wireless Headphones

If you’re wondering how to repair iPad 2 wireless headphones, then the solution is easy! I’ll show you how to fix the broken microphone. I hope this helps, especially if you are a new owner of this wonderful gadget. If your gadget is under warranty, then go directly to the nearest authorized Apple store to sort out any technical issues. The basic repair is only recommended if your gadget is not under any kind of warranty. If your gadget is under warranty, the article will focus on how to repair the microphone for your iPad 2 GSM device:

To begin, you need to locate the cracked microphone and take the two screws out. You can find them either inside the earbud or in the headphone jack, whichever you found it. Then you simply remove the two screws to access the microphone.

Then you have to remove the microphone jack itself by gently pulling it out. After that, you simply replace it with the one that matches the color of your iPad. Then you are ready to start using the headphones with your iPad! Of course, this is only effective if you’re using the right headphones. And you should read some reviews first! You may also be able to use Bluetooth microphones but you’ll need a USB version so you don’t have to wait for the Bluetooth signal to be transmitted. That’s it!